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Program Length: 12 Months, Full Time Permanent

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At SV Partners, it's not just about a job. We provide opportunities for growth, professional development, and making a real impact. Join us in a collaborative environment where your ideas matter, your skills are nurtured, and your career potential is limitless. Unleash your potential with SV Partners – where innovation meets excellence, and your career story begins!

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Where will your degree take you?

  • Corporate Insolvency

  • Personal Insolvency

  • Business Restructuring

  • Voidables

Corporate Insolvency

What is corporate insolvency?

When a company can't pay its debts, it may become insolvent. This means it doesn't have enough money to cover what it owes. In such cases, there are legal processes to deal with outstanding debts and decide the company's future. It could involve restructuring, selling assets, or, in some cases, closing the company. 

The most common types of corporate insolvency are Voluntary Administration, Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, Court Liquidation, Simplified Liquidation, Members Voluntary Liquidation and Receiverships.

What your day may look like:
  • Meeting with clients, onsite or in the office
  • Assisting your team with a trading administration by helping to oversee trading operations, managing interactions with creditors and customers and facilitating communication with diverse stakeholders
  • Conducting investigations into company records and preparing reports to support legal matters where necessary
  • Pursuing claims related to financial fraud, breach of duties, insolvent trading, or violations of legal regulations
  • Running campaigns for sale of business or assets
  • Liaising with creditors, debtors, suppliers, employees, financial and legal advisors 
  • Assisting to distribute funds from the collection and sale of assets to creditors
  • Attend and help facilitate meetings

How does the application process work?

Our application process is a breeze!

It's designed to let you shine while giving you a glimpse into who we are.


Prospective candidates submit their applications online by providing their CV and Academic Transcript. 


Shortlisted candidates participate in a panel interview process with three members of the SV Partners leadership team.

Phone Screening

Successful applicants participate in a phone screening interview with our graduate recruitment team.

Reference Checks

Upon successful completion of the interview process, candidates will be asked to provide two recent professional referees.

Preliminary Assessment

Prior to the panel interview, applicants will be required to complete a short preliminary assessment to evaluate suitability. 


Successful candidates will be contacted by phone and provided a formal offer to join the SV Partners team and kickstart their career.

What our grads say

Brianna Wolski - SV Partners

Brianna Wolski


Brianna Wolski - SV Partners
What did you study at University?
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting

When did you join SV Partners?
I joined SV Partners as a graduate in July 2022. I received incredible support and training from my team and have progressed to a full time role as an Accountant working across Corporate and Personal Insolvency matters.

What attracted you to SV Partners?
The culture! The people at SV stood out to me during my interview process as friendly, helpful and supportive. I felt it was particularly important when starting as a graduate to have a supportive and welcoming working environment, which I've found at SV.

Do you have any advice for those going through the graduate process?
Ask all the questions! The people at SV are so helpful & questions are the quickest way to learn and close gaps in knowledge.

Tell us something interesting you have learnt about insolvency?
It's sort of half way between law and forensic accounting. We don't do much in the way of traditional accounting with journal entries and preparing financials. We use a diverse range of accounting & legal-based skills that don't get taught in a classroom.

What do you enjoy most about working at SV Partners?
Definitely the variety of work. We see all different kinds of businesses in different circumstances. Sometimes, we are working to save a viable business, other times we are winding up a Company and trying to get the best outcome for all parties. We get to work across so many different industries and deal with people from a variety of backgrounds. No two days are the same!

What would you say to someone thinking about applying?
Do it! Insolvency provides such a variety of work and SV Partners is an excellent place to learn and grow your career.

A day in the life of an SV Graduate with Brianna


Depending on public transport, I try to get to the office around 8am, so I can start the day right by making coffee with some of my colleagues on one of the machines in the office & chat about our weekend plans or anything else that pops up.
As a team, we have a brief chat each morning about what we are going to focus on, outstanding action items & deadlines coming up, and any issues where we might be stuck or unsure. I then progress work on my tasks, including investigating financial documents, bank statements and other records to find out where all the money went!



Once we complete investigations into a Company or a Bankrupt's affairs, I write reports to creditors explaining what we found, what we think happened to cause the insolvency, and what the potential outcome may be. 
Team lunch on Friday is a must!  During the week, I often have lunch with some of my colleagues outside on the office deck and discuss all things that didn't fit into our morning coffee chats.



I discuss matters with creditors, Directors, Bankrupts and other stakeholders by phone and email, often trying to assist people through a matter which is complex and and challenging. 
I review my tasks for the day and check my calendar for upcoming deadlines, meetings etc. Then clean out my inbox for a fresh start the next day.



There is always someone in the insolvency industry hosting networking and professional development events, including organisations dedicated to young professionals and women. SV also has a vibrant social club with quarterly events, recently mini golf, bowling and musical bingo!
What did you study at University?
I attended Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and hold a Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting and a minor in Finance.

What attracted you to SV Partners?
SV Partners has an Australia wide presence, the resources available to take on large appointments, but retains the small/mid-tier firm ‘family’ culture. I really feel like I’m valued at the Firm and not just a cog in the machine.  In my short time at SV Partners, I’ve had great exposure to multiple types of appointments across various industries.

Do you have any advice for those going through the graduate process?
I would encourage graduates to take the time to not only understand what you are doing but why. Ask questions!! (even the silly ones!). Understanding the logic, implications, and relevant legislation behind what we do provides for a solid foundation for your career in insolvency.

Tell us something interesting you have learnt about insolvency?
A Liquidator of a company can claw back transfers of money or assets prior to his/her appointment that are deemed voidable to be distributed to creditors. This process usually involves conducting detailed investigations into a company’s records and engaging solicitors to prepare an application to Court. It's really interesting work!

What do you enjoy most about working at SV Partners?
The people and the culture! Everyone at SV Partners has been so supportive, friendly and are always happy to assist with any queries I’ve had. The Firm has a great culture, with regular team lunches, drinks on Friday afternoons and numerous other social events throughout the year.   

What would you say to someone thinking about applying?
Do it! Working in insolvency is challenging, exciting and extremely interesting.  No two days are ever the same and you never know what tomorrow will hold!
Brianna Wolski - SV Partners

Andrew Potts


A day in the life of an SV Graduate with Andrew


Every morning I wake up at 6:00AM, eat breakfast, watch the news and try to make it into work by 8:15AM to beat the 8:30AM coffee machine rush! Followed by conversations with colleagues and team members.
At 8:30AM we hold a team meeting to discuss our priorities for the day. I will then start responding to Creditors and Employees via email and telephone, providing brief updates on the relevant appointment. I'll then start preparing reports to Creditors that provide detailed information on the Company's assets, Creditors, our investigations, and the likely dividend/return to Creditors.



Subject to the type appointment I am currently working on and, if we are continuing to trade the business, I (accompanied with a more senior colleague) may be required to attend the business' premises to review and inventory assets and stock, understand how the business operates and trades, or alternatively to shut the business down and liaise with auctioneers to collect and sell the assets.
On Fridays we have a firm wide lunch at a local pub that I enjoy attending for a parmi (not parma!) and a few beers. Alternatively, I like to eat lunch with colleagues and sometimes go for a walk around the Botanic Gardens (except in summer!).



After lunch, I will conduct investigations into a Company's bank statements to identify voidable transactions that may be recovered. I will liaise with my Manager regarding my findings. If the claims are material, I may then prepare a detailed brief to Solicitors who will pursue recovery action against the party identified.
At 5PM I usually finish work for the day. I may then attend networking events offered by the firm, go for a run with my colleagues around the city, or travel home by public transport.



Once I arrive home, I may either go to the gym for a quick workout, catch up with friends or cook dinner (my Bolognese is world class - or at least my friends will testify it is!).


At SV Partners, we strike a balance between serious professional expertise and a vibrant, fun-loving culture. We believe in working hard, achieving excellence, and enjoying the journey together.

Our team knows how to infuse work with a sense of joy, creating an environment where innovation thrives, and every individual is valued. 

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

At SV Partners, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce. We believe that diversity enriches our firm and enhances our ability to innovate and excel. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, aiming to create a workplace where each employee feels valued and empowered to contribute in their own unique way.

We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities throughout the recruitment process. Should you require any accommodations throughout the recruitment process, please contact our Human Resources department for a confidential conversation.


When does the graduate program commence?

  • The SV Partners Graduate Program intake occurs in February/March and July/August of each year.
  • Am I eligible for the program?

  • We welcome applications from final year or recently graduated students who have studied Accounting, Commerce, Law, or similar. Please reach out to if unsure.
  • Can I apply in my final year of studies?

  • Yes! We love receiving applications from proactive students in their final year.
  • I missed out last year, can I apply again?

  • If you missed out last year, we encourage you to reapply up to 12 months after graduation.
  • How many graduates will be hired?

  • We have numerous Graduate program opportunities nationally.
  • Can I undertake further study during the graduate program?

    • At SV Partners, we encourage the continued education of all our staff with financial and study leave support offered to those who are eligible. Embarking on your Graduate journey is a time of learning and growth, so we allow you to decide when you are ready for additional education to ensure you are ready before taking that next step.

    Will I be a permanent employee?

  • Graduate opportunities are often the first big step and commitment in your career. To show that the commitment goes both ways, we offer all successful candidates of the Graduate Program full-time permanent employment opportunities.
  • Are vacation programs or internships offered?

  • We are always on the look out for students wanting to gain experience whilst supporting themselves through University. If you are interested in casual or part-time employment opportunities with us, please email your resume through to
  • Who do I contact if I have other questions?

  • If you have any further questions about the Graduate Program, please contact
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