Mental Health Support

Navigating through times of financial stress can take its toll on anyone involved. It can often lead to feelings of isolation and even depression. It is important to know that there are organisations that devote all of their time to supporting people in this position.

Mental Health Support

Unfortunately, SV Partners are not qualified in this field and are unable to provide personal counselling or mental health advice. If you are in need of support, there are free support lines available that may be helpful to you. The below is a list of free support lines you can access:

Financial Counselling Australia hotline
Salvation Army Moneycare

The above information does not in any way constitute advice from SV Partners and SV Partners is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained within the sites listed above. We accept no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to any material contained within the above-listed sites. SV Partners are not affiliated with any of the above parties and are completely independent of the above free services provided to the public. The above information does not constitute an endorsement by SV Partners of their services.

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