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Alan has over 40 years’ experience in insolvency and corporate recovery and is a registered liquidator and a registered trustee in bankruptcy with extensive experience across a vast range of industries and complex matters.

Throughout his career, Alan has been appointed to high profile corporate and bankruptcy administrations.  In addition to being a personal insolvency specialist, Alan also provides company insolvency, business recovery, and investigative accountant services.

One of the things Alan has always enjoyed about his role is turning up to work each day not really knowing what the day will bring.

During his career Alan has enjoyed watching the development of his staff from raw recruits to now in several instances:

  • Members of the board of ARITA including the ARITA Executive
  • Partners in the SV team in Adelaide
  • Partners in other practices with whom he maintains a close connection.

Alan’s outside interests include playing golf at Kooyonga Golf Club where he has been a member since 1989.

In addition, Alan was on the Board of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA & NT from 1998 to 2020. Positions held included Treasurer, Vice President and President.

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