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Andrew has over seven years’ experience in all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency administrations. Andrew started his career as a graduate accountant in 2014 at a boutique advisory firm in Melbourne before relocating to Brisbane in late 2017. Andrew subsequently joined SV Partners in March 2019.

Andrew is part of the SV Voidables and the Voidable recovery team as well as the forensic accounting team in Brisbane. During his career, Andrew has been involved with several significant engagements across a wide range of industries. Andrew considers that early intervention better enables his clients to increase their chances of a preferable outcome.

Andrew has a broad range of experience across a diverse range of industries, having assisted in various personal and corporate insolvency appointments including:

  • management and sale of a dairy farm & its assets
  • management and sale of a family restaurant
  • management of a heavy and civil engineering construction entity
  • sale of transport equipment in addition to other general and specialist plant and equipment
  • sale of rent rolls
  • sale of various properties

Andrew has assisted and managed the winding up of various solvent companies for small, medium and large privately owned companies resulting in the distribution of capital back to shareholders.

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