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Affordability of Professional Fees

The National Australia Bank (NAB) Professional Services Insights Report (2018) found that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) regard accountants and lawyers as important professional service providers to help manage their business performance.

Tags: 2019 SmartFee

September 24, 2019

Trends in the Hospitality Industry

In an environment of high rents, labour costs and competition, this is truly a difficult time for those in the hospitality industry. It almost feels commonplace to hear of another established restaurant closing, hospitality staff being underpaid or a disgruntled franchisee upset with the franchising system.

Tags: 2019 Shumit Banerjee

Phoenixing – Will the problem ever be fixed?

Phoenixing has been an issue in corporate Australia for many years. Phoenixing is a process whereby businesses/individuals transfer assets from an old entity to a new entity without regard for dealing with creditor claims in the old entity or paying little or no consideration for the transfer of assets to new entity.

Tags: 2019 Michael Carrafa

Client Health Checks and the ATO closing in on Small Business Debt

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) continues to pursue the recovery of unpaid tax debt and superannuation, particularly from small to medium businesses. The ATO has recently visited approximately 400 small businesses on the Sunshine Coast and is rolling out visits to 10,000 businesses per year across Australia….

Tags: 2019 Jason Cronan

July 12, 2019

Are your clients ready for EOFY?

Important business insights in the lead up to ticking over a new financial year.

SmartFee provides an overview of some flavoursome topics right now including superannuation changes, Single Touch Payroll, price reviews, debt recovery or write off and importantly cashflow.

Tags: 2019 SmartFee

June 19, 2019

Gaining access to your Super early – know your options!

For many Australians, the largest (and often, only) pool of funds of any significance they have accumulated in their lives, is in the form of Superannuation deposits. Whilst this compulsory system of quarantined income is designed to support their financial needs into retirement, there are limited circumstances when an individual can access their Super early.

Tags: 2019 Fabian Micheletto

Franchises – is the Franchise Agreement or Business Model to blame in the event of insolvency?

Several failed franchisees have been scrutinised for failing to pay employees the appropriate employee award rates whereby business owners claiming that the franchisor did not provide sufficient training and/or the business model was established in such a way that the business could not succeed.

Tags: 2019 Rajiv Ghedia

Financial Distress in 2019

For the seasoned adviser who diligently keeps up with developments in the client risk space, there may not be too much new here, but this article provides a snapshot of some of the traditional warning signs and areas of concern together with a reminder about how more recent legislative changes are now impacting your/our clients.

Tags: 2019 Malcolm Field

Can a Company be in Liquidation and Voluntary Administration at the same time?

For the impatient ones among us, the short answer is Yes! SV Partners David Stimpson was recently appointed Liquidator of a company on the application of a major creditor in the Supreme Court of Qld. After making some enquiries, it became apparent the company was trading.

Tags: 2019 David Stimpson

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