Quarterly Newsletter June 2020

SV Partners Quarterly Newsletter – June 2020

Welcome to the 28th issue of SV Partners’ Quarterly Newsletter.

This edition covers topics of particular relevance, given the current climate and challenges of the last few months.

From identifying opportunities for restructure amid the current crisis to consumer entitlements and potential outcomes of insolvency in the travel industry.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

Don’t Waste the Crisis – Is NOW the Opportunity of a Lifetime to Restructure?

Written by Matthew Bookless – Director Gold Coast

Travel Vouchers & Insolvency – Clear Skies or a Turbulent Ride?

Written by Fabian Micheletto – Director Melbourne

Isolating from a Bankruptcy Trustee?

Written by Malcolm Field – Director Perth

F.A.F.G.A – The Perils of a Failed DOCA

Written by Matthew Hudson – Senior Manager Brisbane

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