Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accounting relates to matters that are or are likely to, come before a Court. Forensic accountants serve as independent expert witnesses, providing critical evidence to assist the Court in deciding the matter before it. SV Partners provides highly skilled forensic accounting services, generating reports that allow you to view your problem from a different point of view. Experienced in most Australian jurisdictions, our expert reports make complex issues easier to understand, assisting the court by expressing our unbiased opinions.

Business & Entity Valuations

At one time or another, a valuation of a business or company will be required for a variety of purposes. In all such instances independent, unbiased and supportable valuations are essential. SV Partners provides business valuation reports for family law, commercial litigation and for general appraisal purposes.

Commercial & Insurance Litigation

SV Partners’ commercial litigation services aim to assist parties to understand complex financial and accounting related aspects of the matter at hand. Our forensic accounting experts are experienced in dealing with complicated business issues that may lead to litigation, mediation or arbitration. We are a highly qualified team of expert accountants who provide detailed and reliable expert reports to assist you with resolving your matter.

Investigative Services

At SV Partners, we approach investigative assignments with a critical mindset and professional scepticism. Opinions are only expressed where specifically requested.

Our experts are experienced and provide detailed investigative reports to a variety of clients for a range of purposes.

SME Due Diligence

SV Partners are experienced and highly skilled in the field of conducting due diligence assessments of businesses in a variety of industries for varying purposes. Before buying or selling a business, it is important to seek advice from an independent specialist allowing you to make an informed decision.

Personal Injury Assessments

In the event of injury or death, our team of experts are able to conduct personal injury economic loss reports providing a detailed assessment of the potential economic loss suffered from that event. Our reports differ pending on the individual circumstances as all situations are different.

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