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Turnaround Management

Turnaround management involves the review and analysis of a company to determine why it may be failing or in financial distress. This analysis will also identify company strengths and areas in need of immediate improvement. Any company that is facing financial difficulty should immediately contact a professional in order to mitigate further business loss.


What causes Turnaround Management?

A business may require turnaround management where there are changes in market conditions that are putting the company at risk. This may be due to new competing products in the market that places existing business activity at risk.

Turnaround management can provide a solution to help a business get back on track where there have been major failures in business control and management systems or where management does not have the skill set to continue and the business is already strained due to past activity.


What are the expected outcomes of Turnaround Management?

A comprehensive company led turnaround plan will be used to ensure continued support from all key stakeholders. There will be continued support and assistance with negotiations and execution of the turnaround plan in addition to mentoring the board and senior management team of the company.

The process will help the executive team to develop an understanding of the finance options available to the company and allow the business to overcome its weaknesses. It will also aid in the management of business threats and improve business control and management, building and developing existing strengths.


How can SV Partners help?

With the help of a team of skilled professionals, better results can be produced for employees, creditors, directors and shareholders during the turnaround management process. SV Partners are able to adapt specific solutions to fix a crisis. Our main focus is the long-term running of the business and improvement of business performance. SV Partners have a team of professionals that are dedicated to assisting business owners, SMEs and senior management to overcome business challenges.

SV Strategic Solutions, an affiliated brand of SV Partners, specialises in areas of turnaround management and business improvement for SMEs in addition to the following services:

  • Business Diagnostics
  • Business Planning & Growth Strategies
  • Business Performance & Improvement
  • Investment Readiness & Exit Planning
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Board of Advice
  • Turnaround Management

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