Litigation Support

We believe that defending a claim from a Liquidator or Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy for a voidable transaction should be the last resort, and will work with you to mitigate the risk of you receiving one of these demands.

In the event that you do receive a demand, SV Voidables can help you. Litigation is an often stressful time for any business and we appreciate that your priority is to manage and minimise legal, commercial and reputational risk and meet commercial objectives, in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.


Our commitment to you:

At SV Partners, we will provide you with a thorough and clear assessment of your position, a strategic roadmap, an open line of communication with key stakeholders, and a recommendation on how best to achieve a cost-effective commercial solution. We use innovative technology and processes to achieve superior results.


Our aim:

We help you to try and avoid litigation through dispute resolution mechanisms, but where this is unavoidable, we provide superior tailored support services to innovatively and efficiently meet your commercial objectives.


How SV Partners can help you?

SV Voidables has acted on a broad range of voidable matters, including some of the most complex disputes since our inception nearly 6 years ago. We are well equipped to provide unrivalled specialist support to you. For further information, please contact our confidential assist line on 1800 246 801 for a free first consultation.


We can help you with:

    1. Strategic and tactical dispute resolution – We assess your worst-case scenario and develop a recommended course of action to achieve a commercial outcome for you. Our strategies are designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We can:
      • Liaise with lawyers
      • Attend mediation on your behalf
      • Provide substantive responses to the demand received from the Liquidator or Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy
    2. Assessing solvency or insolvency – We have extensive experience in preparing complex and simple insolvency and solvency reports for all occasions, including:
      • Winding-up applications
      • Voidable transaction claims
      • Insolvent trading claims
      • Building licence suspensions.

Our reports can provide a detailed analysis for substantial court proceedings, or for the cost-conscious matter, a preliminary view based on the available material. Please see a copy of Mr Matthew Hudson’s CV and page for more information about how we can help you with these reports.

  • Performing an analysis of your possible defences – We provide tailored responses to Liquidator or Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy demands by taking into consideration all of the possible defences that may be available to you.


For instance, did you know that in some circumstances, it may be possible to reduce your exposure to an unfair preference claim by subtracting the peak debt owed to you during the relation-back period by the sum of money owed to you on the relation-back day? This is called the running account balance defence.

To discuss how we can assist with these services, contact us on our confidential assist line on 1800 246 801.

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