Litigation Support 

Liquidation and bankruptcy are effective tools for resolving financial strain, but the process can be complex. In some cases, disputes may arise between debtors and creditors that can only be resolved through litigation.

If you find yourself facing litigation during insolvency proceedings, SV Voidables can provide litigation support to help bring the matter to a resolution. We understand that litigation is often a stressful time, and we appreciate that your priority is to manage and minimise the impact of the situation.

Our litigation support services mean we can provide financial advisory services, forensic accounting and independent reviews to support your interests. We recognise that your goals are to minimise the legal, commercial and reputational risks of litigation.

To help out, our services are designed to meet your commercial and legal. Our cost-effective litigation support services provide assistance during insolvency to mitigate the risk of litigation and reach the best solution possible.

Financial Services Litigation Support

Commercial litigation is an umbrella term that covers legal proceedings arising during the course of business. While this term applies to all areas of business, entities facing liquidation may find themselves engaged in disputes with creditors, shareholders, the Australian Government and other interested parties.

While it can be daunting to find yourself facing litigation, SV Partners helps by providing litigation support and a strategic roadmap for moving forward. By opening communication with key stakeholders and assessing your position, we can provide professional recommendations on how to achieve a beneficial, cost-effective outcome.

Our litigation support services are delivered using innovative forensic accounting technologies and processes that allow us to achieve superior results and support your interests.

Litigation Support for a Range of Disputes

The first priority of our litigation support team is to use dispute resolution mechanisms and prevent litigation altogether. Where legal proceedings are unavoidable, we provide tailored litigation support for a wide range of advisory and insolvency matters, including:

  • Insolvency disputes
  • Creditor/debtor disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Voidable transaction disputes
  • Partner and shareholder disputes
  • Compliance disputes

Our professional team has decades of experience in managing insolvency proceedings, so you can rely on our advice. We not only provide support during litigation proceedings, we also offer our services to mitigate your risks prior to bankruptcy or insolvency.

With some simple preparatory work, SV Voidables can improve your position and reduce your exposure to disputes and other claims by creditors in the future.

Litigation Support and Voidable Transactions

Businesses placed under the control of a Liquidator or Registered Trustee will be subject to a thorough review of their financial position. This process not only looks into current matters, it delves into past transactions to determine their validity.

Where a historical transaction is deemed not to be in the best interests of the business and its creditors, the Liquidator or Trustee may claim that it is a voidable transaction. If successful, the Liquidator may recover the transaction to distribute the money or assets among the business’ stakeholders.

Voidable transaction disputes are among the most common sources of commercial litigation during insolvency proceedings. Our litigation support services take the view that defending a claim for a voidable transaction should be the last resort. We typically work to mitigate the risk entirely, but SV Partners can provide the support you need if you do receive a demand in bankruptcy.

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services

The support we provide through our litigation services is backed by state-of-the-art forensic accounting technologies and processes. The foundation of our litigation support services is built on the ability to effectively identify your position and recommend a course of action.

Forensic accounting allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and the claims you are defending. We use that information to inform our litigation support and tailor strategies that achieve the best possible commercial outcomes.

Support and Commercial Litigation Services

SV Partners delivers flexible litigation support services designed to assist both individuals and corporate clients. Whether you are facing insolvency or need help to defend against claims arising from creditors, stakeholders, Liquidators or Trustees, we can help. Our litigation support provides assistance in four key ways:

Strategic and tactical dispute resolution

Our litigation support services assess your worst-case scenario so we can develop a recommended course of action. Our strategies are designed to achieve a commercial outcome and protect your interests. We do that by:

  • Liaising with lawyers
  • Attending mediation on your behalf
  • Providing substantive responses to demands received from the Liquidator or Registered Trustee
Assessing solvency or insolvency

We have extensive experience in preparing both simple and complex solvency reports. Regardless of your circumstances or industry, we can prepare reports to support proceedings in matters such as:

  • Winding-up applications
  • Voidable transaction claims
  • Insolvent trading claims
  • Building licence suspensions
Litigation support tailored to your matter

Our reports can provide a detailed analysis for substantial court proceedings. For more cost-conscious matters, we can also provide a preliminary review and findings to help you prepare your defence.

Performing an analysis of your possible defences

We provide tailored responses to demands by Liquidators or Registered Trustees in Bankruptcy. Our litigation support takes into consideration all possible defences that may be available to make recommendations about how you can reach a commercial outcome.

How Our Litigation Support Can Help You

In some circumstances, it may be possible to reduce your exposure to certain disputes and claims. Our litigation support services always start by searching for ways to minimise your risks, but we can provide support regardless of our findings.

The primary goal for SV Voidables is to help achieve your commercial outcomes and reduce the impact of insolvency proceedings on you, your business and your life.

SV Voidables has acted on a broad range of commercial litigation matters, including a number of highly complex disputes. Our team is well equipped to provide unrivalled litigation support to you and your business.

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