The Voidables Difference

Fast turnaround

A preliminary valuation report is an indication of the value of a business or entity for the purpose of potential settlement discussion and negotiation. It would not include as much research as a business valuation expert report and is not suitable for court purposes.

We create results

With an average recovery of 80% of the quantum of all voidable claims we have pursued, we create superior results for liquidators, lawyers and accountants. Our extensive experience and inside-the-industry knowledge uniquely places us to create superior results for creditors, lawyers and accountants looking to defend voidable transactions.

Effective use of technology

Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to create innovative solutions to client problems. Our mix of precedents and technology allow us to get to the heart of the problem faster and more accurately than anyone else. Our mix of tools, FAQ’s, case studies and guide books allow for client interaction that aims to answer as many questions clients may have.

Extensive expertise and experience

Our team members regularly share insights, case studies and technical opinion pieces throughout leading industry publications and regularly contribute technical submissions for any Government proposed legislation changes or insolvency enquiries. With over 4 years’ experience, our National presence and results achieved to date, we are the experts at voidable transaction defence and recovery services.

Value for money

We offer fixed-fee or time-based arrangements across our full suite of services. We provide our clients with a full scope of works and a breakdown of proposed fees for each step of our proposed works, generally on the same day of first contact.

How can SV Partners help?

At SV Partners, we provide our clients with an objective and defensible opinion of the value of the entity in question. Our valuations combine expertise with leading valuation and corporate finance knowledge. Please contact a member of our forensic accounting team on 1800 246 801 if you would like more information on how we can assist you with Valuation services.

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