Letters of Demand

If you have received a letter of demand for outstanding debt, it can be daunting as an individual or a business owner. These letters of demand are commonly from a solicitor or creditor. If ignored, the situation will most certainly worsen and will likely have major impacts on the business, the owner, creditors, individuals and potentially family members.

We often receive calls from business owners and individuals in this situation that require immediate assistance. Despite the seriousness of the situation, there is often a sigh of relief when they understand they are not alone and we can help take the weight off their shoulders.

Navigating through times of financial stress takes its toll on anyone involved and due to the nature of these events; timing can be a key factor. When early professional advice is sought to fix the situation, there is a much higher chance of achieving a better outcome for all parties.

Each situation is different and we recognise this requires different solutions

Our team provide an obligation free consultation to understand your financial situation, immediate concerns and the desired outcome for the business or individual.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual dealing with debt, speak to our team to arrange a confidential and obligation free consultation.

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