This policy provides guidance on the procedures set up SV Partners in relation to Privacy of all stakeholders of SV Partners. It supersedes all previous guidance or policies on this subject.  It applies to all Directors and Personnel.

This policy includes consideration to the guidance provided by:



At SVP Group Pty Ltd ABN 68 145 613 323 we respect your privacy. We respect the rights of our customers, suppliers and colleagues to decide if, when and how their personal information is used.

Our commitment to privacy is based on:

  • The freedom to visit this website and access information without the need to give us any personal information.
  • The choice to give us personal information if – and only if – you wish to access more tailored services such as being included on SV Strategic Solutions mailing database.
  • A pledge that any information given is kept safely and securely, using the latest technology and to accepted industry standards.
  • Your use of this website is deemed to be acceptance of these privacy policies.

If you disagree with the policies set out above, and in more detail below, you should not use this website.



Any information we collect will never be sold, given or shared with any third party. It will only be used to:

  • allow us to provide tailored services, such as newsletters; and
  • allow us to better understand the needs of our customers and business partners.



The SV Partners website uses Google Analytics or other third party software to analyse aggregate user behaviour. Google Analytics and such other software uses first party cookies, which are text files placed on your computer for the purpose of anonymously identifying your session.

These cookies are not used to grant SV Partners access to your personally identifiable information. Non-identifiable information (such as the pages you visit) may be tracked. By directing your browser to delete your cookies, this data will be erased. For more information about Google Analytics, please follow the links provided on our website.

The information is collected using first party cookies, meaning that only SV Partners is able to access your information. Your information may be aggregated with information from other users for the purpose of improving our website and offerings.

We will not associate any data gathered from our website with any personally identifiable information, unless you explicitly submit that information (e.g. your email address) via our online information form.

Any links to third party websites on SV Partners website are not covered by our privacy policy.



Whilst SV Partners is committed to protecting your privacy, the nature of the web and the technology it uses is not 100% secure.

Emails can be ‘hacked’ by those with the necessary skills.

We do, however, use the latest encryption technology, and firewalls are used to protect the information we hold as securely as is possible.

As and when technology improves, we will make use of newer and more secure methods of encryption and protection.



We will strive to give you every opportunity to update and access the information we hold.

Where possible, we will give you online access to change and update your details yourself. Where not possible, it may be necessary to contact us directly at SV Partners.



We will never knowingly send you unsolicited emails (known commonly as -SPAM-) when you have not requested them.

When signing up for our e-newsletters, you will be given the option of agreeing to us sending you related information about any or all of the products or services we offer.

Checking this option means you agree to us sending you emails from time to time, of a marketing or informational kind.

Leaving the option unchecked means we will not include you in any promotional offers or emails.



We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold about you is secure, accurate and up to date. We have a data breach response plan in place in accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017, which ensures we conduct a reasonable and expeditious assessment of any suspected data breach that may occur.

In the event we have reasonable grounds to believe a data breach has occurred, we have reasonable steps in place to notify the Commissioner of an eligible data breach and the individual to whom the relevant information relates (where practicable and reasonable to do so).

For further information on the Notifiable Data Breaches Act 2017 and other relevant privacy laws, please visit



SV Partners cannot take responsibility for the privacy policies, conduct or quality of third party websites linked to from this site.

Where possible, the content and availability of any sites we have linked to have been checked and read. However, you should check the privacy policies of any third party site before disclosing any personal information.



Please email us if you have any further questions or concerns about your privacy, and our conduct online.

[email protected]

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