Case Studies

While SV Partners work with a wide range of businesses and individuals, we often have cases that set a benchmark for how we assist our clients. Below are a few case studies, for anyone that may be in a similar situation and looking to see what process they will have to go through.

SV Partners were appointed as the Receivers of a retirement village located in Queensland, as the Company had outstanding debt to secured creditors, including banks.

Aged Care Industry

SV Partners were appointed as Voluntary Administrators to a Home Loan Broking Franchise due to increasing pressure from creditors. The amount of debt owed to creditors was in excess of $10m.

Home Loan Lender

The Company produced food packaging for major supermarkets and food retailers and owed an outstanding debt to a secured creditor. In addition to this there were conflicting ownership issues surrounding plant, equipment and intellectual property.

Manufacturing Industry

A National Pizza Franchise, operated a network of franchised pizza stores with its head office based in Brisbane. The Company owed over $4m to a secure creditor, upwards of $1m in employee entitlements and over $4m to unsecured creditors. SV Partners were appointed administrators.

National Pizza Franchise

A large transport company provided services predominantly to growers of fresh produce and operated with an extensive company fleet, throughout various states in Australia. The Company owed money to secured and unsecured creditors and employee entitlements.

Transport Industry

Due to a shareholder dispute, SV Partners were appointed as the Liquidators of a large horse stud farm located in regional New South Wales. Assets consisted of various plant, equipment and property.

Agricultural Industry

SV Partners were appointed as Voluntary Administrators to a jewellery wholesaler/retailer. The business grew exponentially within a short period of time and subsequently faced significant management and operational challenges.

Wholesale/Retail Industry

SV Partners were appointed as Voluntary Administrators to a food retailer in Queensland. The company operated two cafe franchise stores.

Hospitality Industry

SV Partners were appointed as Voluntary Administrators of an aluminium louvre business. The business had ongoing contracts and was facing significant operational and financial challenges.

Building and Construction Industry

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