March 5, 2022

myCryptoWallet Expression of Interest Campaign Ongoing

4 March 2022

Expression of Interest campaign remains ongoing for the purchase of the myCryptoWallet Cryptocurrency platform.

Terry Grant van der Velde, the Liquidator of myCryptoWallet Pty. Ltd. (In Liquidation) A.C.N. 619 265 548

The Liquidator confirms that offers are still being sought for the purchase of the myCryptoWallet cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Investigations into the matter pertaining to the Company are ongoing however, the Liquidator wishes to clarify the fact that the Cryptocurrency Platform did not fail, but rather the Company itself.

The Liquidator has not at this stage reported any offences to ASIC. Whilst the Liquidator is required to report on any potential offences and voidable transactions, these investigations are in the preliminary stages and remain ongoing. Any such offences may be reported by June 2022 in a confidential report to the regulator (ASIC) should the investigations conclude any such offences have occurred and are reportable.

In relation to the sale of the exchange platform, offers are still being sought by the Liquidator for the exclusive or non-exclusive sale of the following assets:

  • intellectual property associated with the platform
  • software required to operate the platform
  • customer list of approximately 18,153
  • purpose built cryptocurrency reloadable prepaid EFTPOS card ‘MyCryptoCard’.

Cryptocurrency assets do not form any part of the sale campaign.

For further information, please contact mycryptowallet@svp.com.au

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