May 30, 2014

NSW Merger – A Win For Clients

As of 1 July, two specialist insolvency firms, SV Partners and RMG Partners, have joined forces to create one of the most experienced practices of its kind in New South Wales.


SV Partners Managing Director, Terry Van der Velde, says that the real winners are the merged firm’s clients.

“Both practices are recognised as experts. The strength of the new group will deliver top quality insolvency, reconstruction, forensic accounting and advisory services across NSW, in all sectors and industries,” he says.

SV Partners provides professional insolvency accounting, risk management and turnaround strategy advice to accountants, financial institutions, corporations, financial and legal advisors and individuals. Not only is our team recognised as technical experts, Terry says their sensitive yet commercial approach combines professional counsel, practical expertise and support.

RMG Partners was established in New South Wales in 2004. The firm specialises in providing professional services to companies, individuals, businesses, partnerships and trusts with the emphasis on adding value through the creation and protection of corporate and personal wealth.

RMG Partners specialises in insolvency and recovery solutions as well as business valuations, forensic accounting, litigation support, and credit management.

The new firm, under the SV Partners brand, will have five offices in NSW – combining RMG’s three offices in the Sydney CBD, Wollongong and Caringbah with the SV Partners’ presence in a new Sydney office, Newcastle and Dubbo.

“The merger between SV Partners and RMG is a strategic step designed to give us not only a broader range and depth of skills, but greater physical reach across the State,” adds Terry.

“Referrers and clients will have important personal access to us where they live and work.”

The NSW directors of SV Partners are Stephen Hathway, Joe Atkinson, Daniel Quinn and the Managing Director, Terry van der Velde. The three RMG partners who have come over to SV Partners are Darren Vardy, Ian Purchas and Ross Mottershead.

“We’re very excited by the merger,” adds Ian Purchas. “The new depth of our practitioner experience will provide existing and potential clients with some of the best, most wide-ranging insolvency expertise available in New South Wales.”

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