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Members Voluntary Liquidation

A Members Voluntary Liquidation is a simple cost effective means of finalising the company’s affairs and distributing company’s assets to creditors and shareholders.

It does not necessarily entail realisation of assets, as assets can be distributed in specie. In a Members Voluntary Liquidation all liabilities of the company are paid in full and it can be a tax effective way of disbursing the assets to the shareholders.

The below links enable you to earn the fees from $1500 – $5000 related to the liquidation without referring the matter to a liquidation specialist, while we are available to support you through the process at no extra cost.

Contact us to discuss the specific details of your individual situation on SV Partners INSOL LINE 1800 246 801.

List of Members Voluntary Liquidation Documents

DOC001 – Audit Trail Checklist
DOC002 – Letter to Directors re Appointment
DOC003 – Consent To Act
DOC004 – Deed of Indemnity
DOC005 – MVL Questionnaire
DOC006 – Form 532 Members Proxy Form for Initial Meeting
DOC007 – Notice of meeting of Members and Short Notice Consent
DOC008 – Minutes of Directors Meeting
DOC009 – Minutes of Meeting of Members
DOC010 – Form 531A Attendance Register for Members Meeting
DOC011 – Gazette email re 205
DOC012 – Bank Letter
DOC013 – Open Bank Account
DOC014 – Letter to Energy provider
DOC015 – Letter to Telephone Service Supplier
DOC016 – Letter to WorkCover
DOC017 – WorkCover Declaration of Wages
DOC018 – Letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
DOC019 – Letter to the Commissioner of Pay-roll Tax
DOC020 – Letter to Commissioner of Land Tax
DOC021 – Letter to Solicitor and Demand for Books and Records
DOC022 – Letter to creditors with Form 548
DOC023 – Letter admitting Proof
DOC024 – Letter and Notice seeking further evidence
DOC025 – Letter rejecting Proof
DOC026 – Letter to creditors with Dividend Cheque
DOC027 – Follow up of unpresented dividend cheques
DOC028 – Payment of Unclaimed Dividends to ASIC
DOC029 – AGM report and notice
DOC030 – Form 532 Members Proxy Form for AGM
DOC031 – Minutes of Annual Meeting
DOC032 – Appointment of Deputy for Annual Meeting
DOC033 – Letter to Shareholder detailing distribution for tax purposes
DOC034 – Shareholder Dividend Statement
DOC035 – Letter to bank re closure of account
DOC036 – Gazette email re Form 529
DOC037 – Form 532 Members Proxy Form for Final Meeting
DOC038 – Notice of Final Meeting
DOC039 – Final receipts and payments
DOC040 – Appointment of Deputy for Final Meeting
DOC041 – Minutes of Final Meeting
DOC042 – Minutes of Final Meeting (No Quorum)
DOC043 – Final letter to Commissioner of Taxation
DOC044 Final Notice to ASIC
FORM 205 – Notice of Resolution
FORM 505 – Notice of Appointment or Removal
FORM 520 – Declaration of Solvency
FORM 523 – Notification of Final Meeting
FORM 524 – Presentation of Accounts
FORM 530 – Mailing confirmation
FORM 534 – Proof of Debt
FORM 537 – Notice of Rejection of Proof
FORM 548 – Notice of Intention to Declare Dividend
FORM 549 – Notice of Declaration of Dividend
FORM 5011 – Lodgement of Minutes

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