Commercial Risk Evaluation


The commercial risk score of a business is based on a number of factors, including it’s strategic, managerial and operational behaviour. This behaviour is sourced from a range of bureau data and is used to provide an overall score of the business’ financial health.

SV Partners’ Commercial Risk Outlook Report provides an analysis of over 510,000 Australian businesses, the March edition revealed that over 12,300 businesses or 2.4% were classified in the High to Severe risk category.

Types of risk

High to Severe

Risk Bands 1 – 3

Average to Moderate

Risk Bands 4 – 5

Minimal to Low

Risk Bands 6 – 8

What makes up the risk score?


Key contributing factors (not limited to) that frame a risk score are as follows:

  • The type and frequency of credit enquiries
  • The time since a business/company made or changed its registration
  • Credit activities including credit enquiries or adverse information of the business proprietor
  • Existence of default information on a company file
  • Credit source enquiries that a company makes may impact its trade history
  • Serious adverse event information recorded such as a previous external administration or other serious adverse events on file
  • Industry based enquiry patterns
  • Director information and credit activity of a company director such as credit enquiries or adverse events

How we can minimise your risk

Action: Stabilisation
Likelihood: Wind up notice, court writ, payment default, mercantile enquiry
Immediate Future:
Rapid assessment, quick win strategies, full situational analysis to prioritise action plans

Action: Business Improvement
Likelihood: Potential to slip into high risk if no immediate action taken
Immediate Future:
Address operational inefficiencies, missed market opportunities, people/tech issues, work on add value options

Action: Efficiency & Value Enhancement
Likelihood: Overcome challenges & grow/succeed
Immediate Future:
Further enhance operational efficiencies, growth in new markets/locations/services. Potential M&As, profitability focus, succession planning

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