December 6, 2021

SV Partners Appointed Liquidators of myCryptoWallet Pty Ltd

SV Partners has been appointed Liquidators of myCryptoWallet Pty Ltd on 3 December, 2021.

A resolution was provided at the general meeting with the members of the Company, that the company be wound up and Terry van der Velde appointed Liquidator.

It is encouraged that all affected customers and affected parties of myCryptoWallet Pty Ltd contact myCryptoWallet@svp.com.au as soon as possible.

SV Partners will distribute the First Creditors Report within 10 business days (by 17 December, 2021).

SV Partners will be formally releasing an Expressions of Interest Memorandum by approximately 10 December, for an opportunity to purchase the technological infrastructure of the business. All expressions of interest are required to contact myCryptoWallet@svp.com.au.”

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