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George has over 40 years of experience in business recovery and insolvency having previously worked at several firms. A registered liquidator since 1992, George has a broad based experience in all aspects of accounting and finance.

Formerly a board member of the local state and national ARITA boards, George has had secondments to the National Credit Management Unit of the State Bank of South Australia with a view to resurrecting some of its major distressed accounts as well as acting in a role as Financial Controller of Great Southern Rail after its privatisation.

George undertakes appointments over solvent and insolvent corporations and acts in informal capacities assessing financial viability/solvency in SA and the NT and has experience working in a wide range of industries.

He has been involved in restructuring of complex corporate groups in order to simplify structures in a tax effective way. He has also been involved in numerous business reviews, investigating accountants reports and due diligence reports.