March 26, 2019

Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference™ – 20 Years

7 to 14 January 2019 – Aspen, Colorado

7 to 14 January 2020 – Aspen, Colorado (possible dates)


20 Years in 2019

The 2019 AALDC celebrated the 20th year of the conference. Once again it was an outstanding success with approximately one hundred delegates attending informative conference sessions by eminent speakers in a number of different fields. In addition, enjoyable networking events were held throughout the week at which delegates met to discuss the conference sessions, business opportunities and the fantastic Aspen conditions.

Delegates’ families also participated in a number of events and appreciated the Aspen hospitality and the many snowfalls during the conference period.

Without doubt, the highlight of the 2019 conference was the “Fireside Chat” between Jane Fleming OAM and His Excellency, The Honorable Joe Hockey, Australian Ambassador to the USA. Joe offered an interesting insight into his role, the common bond between the countries, the close cultural relationships and some of the similarities and differences between our political systems, media and the like.

In addition, His Honour Justice Francois Kunc (Supreme Court of NSW) delivered an insightful discussion on “How to stay out of court– a judge’s perspective”, the Honorable Natalie Ward MLC presented on government innovation and other highly qualified speakers discussed various matters ranging from financial planning to the Hayne Royal Commission, growing professional services in the modern economy, customer buying patterns, business risk/insurance, employment law and director’s liabilities.

Interesting discussion followed presentations on governance, non-executive director roles, resilient leadership and a brief history of Aspen and the alpine ski boot.


2020 Dates

Planning for the 2020 conference has commenced, with likely dates being 7 to 14 January 2020, again to be held at The Gant in Aspen, Colorado. Given the near record snow conditions this year and a program which will emulate the high standard of professional content of previous conferences, we are sure the conference will be well attended and recommend those interested in attending to make early booking enquiries (see below).



For those not familiar with AALDC, the inaugural Conference was held in 2000 in Aspen, Colorado. In 2001 it was moved to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada where it was held for the next six years before returning to Colorado, at Steamboat Ski Resort in 2007 and then back to Aspen in 2008 where it has been held since.

Formally the Australian Accountants & Lawyers Conference™, it was expanded in 2013 to accommodate company directors to reflect the changing delegate mix of the conference. Feedback from non-accountants & non-lawyers indicated that the professional program was also relevant to the everyday operations of a business. This is particularly so, given that the professional advice from accountants and lawyers is an integral part of any business and that prudent directors will often seek the counsel of their professional advisors when considering many business decisions. We hope to attract more directors for the mutual benefit of all delegates and to create additional networking opportunities to those already available at the conference.

Clearly, professionals and directors who keep up to date with developments are in a better position to best conduct his or her practice or business. In saying this, how do we identify problems before they overtake our clients or businesses and what steps can be taken to maintain systems at efficient and effective levels? In its 21st year, the Conference will address contemporary issues and create meaningful discussion about issues faced by the professions and business. The program is designed to provide continuing professional education points for participation (however participants should make independent enquiry of their professional association).

The Conference program is structured to be of professional interest to other advisers who are often called upon by the accountant, lawyer and director and the cross fertilization of ideas has extended every presentation. We welcome and encourage those from other professions to attend the conference for the mutual benefit of the delegates. The “Open Forum” sessions and other events provide a stimulating environment beneficial to all delegates and enhance networking opportunities.

The Conference provides a wonderful opportunity to compensate families for the disruption caused by the demands of the busy professional and commercial life. Registered family members may be actively or passively involved in various aspects of the program.

Travelplan Australia has negotiated highly competitive travel packages (please see the website noted below).

For further information about AALDC 2020, please visit the website or contact SV Partners’ Executive Director (NSW), Ian Purchas, on 02 8986 8986 or email at ian.purchas@svp.com.au.

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