FAQ – Turnaround Management

SV Partners’ turnaround management team tailor individual solutions to resolve a crisis.

External Administration

What is Turnaround Management?

Turnaround management sees the review and analysis to determine why a company is failing.

Why would a company need Turnaround Management?

A few factors can cause Turnaround Management:

  • Change in market conditions put business at risk
  • New competing products which could put existing business activity at risk
  • Management does not have the skill set to go forward – often business is already strained because of past activity
  • Major failure in business control and management systems

What is the Role of a Turnaround Management Expert?

The role of the turnaround management expert is to provide an assessment of the economic circumstances of the business, manage short-term cash flow matters, handle stakeholders, develop actions to restructure the business model and develop a strategy on how the turnaround plan will be funded, including operational changes and revenue forecast.

What is the outcome of the Turnaround Management process?

A comprehensive business turnaround plan that will be used to ensure the continued support from all key stakeholders (the board, senior management team, key customers, suppliers, creditors, lenders and investors). Additionally, the outcome involves assistance with negotiations and with the execution of the plan as well as coaching and mentoring the board and senior management team during the turnaround period.

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