Quarterly Newsletter December 2017

SV Partners Quarterly Newsletter – December 2017

Welcome to the 18th issue of SV Partners’ Quarterly Newsletter.

In this issue, we will cover topics concerning the Insolvency Law Reform & Safe Harbour, Bankruptcy Act Amendments, Bankruptcy Annulments, A final word from the MD Terry van der Velde and more.

The SV team are pleased to keep you informed on industry insights and updates.

We hope you enjoy this Issue.

Amending the Bankruptcy Stigma

Written by Joshua RobbAustralian Insolvency Law Reform promoted as a win for creditors, but is it really?

Written by Matthew HudsonIs it better to be employed by a Company or an Individual when insolvency strikes?

Written by Anne MeagherAnnulment of Bankruptcies

Written by Malcolm FieldThe “C” Word – Change

Written by Terry van der Velde

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